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How to prepare Green chilli pickle recipes | cook | make | Ingredients

Green chilli pickle recipes


Description of Green chilli pickle recipes

green chilli pickle is one of the Indian pickle variety.It derivatives its name from its main ingredient green chilli. green chilli is my favorites Indian pickle recipe and i am sure you will like it also for its chiilis.


Ingredients of Green chilli pickle recipes

Green chilli 100 gm
Tamarind 10 gm
Ginger 10 gm
Oil 1o gm
Turmeric powder ΒΌ tsp
Mustard 1 tsp
Salt to taste

Preparation of Green chilli pickle recipes


1. Soak tamarind and salt in water for 15 mins
2. Slit the green chilli into two
3. Finely chop the ginger
4. Heat oil in a kadhai add mustard seeds and asafoetida if needed
5. Add ginger and chilli and saute for two mins
6. Squeeze the juice from tamarind and add to the chilli and boil till it gets thickened



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